Oriental Area Rug

Our rug cleaning process is like sending your rug to a spa! Whether we're cleaning a delicate, antique Oriental or a contemporary area rug, our exclusive process safely and gently revives the color, luster and beauty of your rug.

What separates Century Chem-Dry from other rug cleaners is our specialized equipment that safely and gently flushes away the vast amounts of soil trapped deep in rugs without abrasive scrubbing, harsh chemicals or power spraying that can damage fine rugs permanently.

Here at Century Chem-Dry we clean area rugs with exceptional results! We use a very thorough, yet gentle cleaning method to take care of your beautiful rugs. We will handle with care every type of rug whether hand knotted, hand tufted, or machine made. Your rug maybe made out of any number or blend of fibers like wool, silk, cotton, nylon, and olefin. Your rug may be a Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, or Tibetan Rug at Century Chem-Dry we can handle and care for any of your rugs.

Area / Oriental Rug Immersion Cleaning

STEP 1: Pre-Inspection

Your area rug is tagged & thoroughly inspected before cleaning.

STEP 2: Dry Soil Removal

We pre-vacuum each area / Oriental rug top and bottom and use a gentle yet very powerful effective dust removal machine.

STEP 3: Immersion Cleaning

60% of all area and oriental rugs can be cleaned using the immersion method, which is a very safe and deep-cleaning method. For rugs that can bleed, we use dye stabilizers to try and prevent dye migration.

STEP 4: Fringe Cleaning

Most fringe is made from cotton, so we use a special cleaner for cotton fabrics and clean the fringe by hand (additional costs may apply).

STEP 5: Drying

Once cleaned, the excess water is extracted and the rug is moved to our drying area. Most rugs can be dried on our drying rack. Rugs that are prone to shrinkage are blocked on out drying floor and dried with air movers (additional costs may apply).


Each rug is individually wrapped and scheduled to be delivered. Most rugs are picked up, cleaned and delivered within a two-week period.

We Professionally Clean Most Oriental Rugs & Area Rugs

  • Persian Rugs
  • Navajo Rugs
  • Rag Rugs
  • Hand-Tufted Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Kelim Rugs
  • Braided Rugs
  • Hooked Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Dhurrie Rugs
  • Kashmir Rugs
  • Needlepoint Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Soumak Rugs
  • Chenille Rugs
  • Flokati Rugs

What Being an Area Rug Expert Means to You

While area and oriental rugs are a great addition to any room, they receive a fair amount of traffic and can quickly become dirty. Your area rugs are valuable investments and should be treated as such. Let Century Chem-Dry bring the patterns and colors of your specialty rugs back to their original beauty. Our professionals can clean most any specialty rug and have it looking fabulous!

Certified technicians will pick up and take it to an in-plant cleaning facility to give it the extra attention it deserves. At the plant, the rug will go through a thorough inspection process to determine the best cleaning method. The expert techniques of our gentle deep clean and specialized drying will minimize wicking and preserve the colors within the fibers of your area or Oriental rug. This process leaves the color of your rugs vibrant and fresh.

Whether a full submersion bath with wool-safe approved products or a meticulous dry cleaning, Century Chem-Dry offers the best care available to any rug without leaving a sticky dirt-attracting residue.

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Due to the wide range of material & construction among Oriental Area Rugs, we'd like to discuss– and possibly examine– your rug beforehand. Call and we can provide more specifics on our cleaning process & delivery process. Call us now at (719) 596-8282 .